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Here are some chosen projects, that I have chosen to share. Each project has helped me grow and learn my craft. My career spans over the last 10 years. With this page, I aim to show where I am, and also where I came from. I am excited to see what unexpected turns my career takes in the future.

All projects.


Role: Senior Communications Designer

Working at HelloSign has been a great experience. The team is very supportive, and collaborative. I have had the opportunity to work on projects such as, the design of the website, online ads, blog illustrations, a booth for Dreamforce, swag, and in-product illustrations. I am so excited for what's next.


Role: Visual Designer

Evernote reached out to me, about a role as one of their visual designers. It was my introduction to working in tech. The team was large when I started, with 3 designers, 1 illustrator, a videographer/photographer, and a creative director. I learned so much working there and from the people that I worked with.


Role: Illustrator

Most nights after getting home from work, and walking my dog, I like to spend some time illustrating. I practice with new brushes, styles, and colors. I feel like I really found my style within the last few years. Here are some of my recent illustrations. Some of them have been featured on Behance's Illustration page.

Oakland's Lost & Found

Role: Designer

The Oakland Lost and Found Beer Garden reached out to me to create their brand, website, and do some work to their space. It was a rare opportunity to get to really define their look and feel. I even was able to paint large letters on their garden's back wall. I made their website heavily illustrated with a lot of fun imagery. Cheers!

Cost Plus World Market

Role: Senior Interactive Designer

I was hired at Cost Plus World Market as an Interactive Designer. I was promoted to Senior Interactive Designer after my first year there. Designing for eCommerce was a really fun experience. I was able to go on and direct some photoshoots, and also this was my first job that I was paid to illustrate.

Layover Art & Music Bar

Role: Designer and Illustrator

The Layover is a bar and small venue in Downtown Oakland. I used to do their event posters and postcards. It was an outlet for me to illustrate when my day job didn't involve illustration. The owners allowed me to explore many different styles, and said that their brand was "no-brand". Eventually, I created a logo for them as well.

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