Cost Plus World Market was such a great experience for me. It's where the line between design and illustration was blurred. I was able to illustrate things. I was able to experiment with iconography, layouts, UI, and get paid for it. It was so much fun working there. Everyone was super smart. We were able to test options of my designs on a regular basis. I was allowed to redesign the company's homepage, which resulted in a 10% increase in conversions. As I worked, I studied what makes a user buy, what piques a shopper's interest, and keeps it. My team was small, but very effective. I have always loved working on small teams, but World Market really thrived on having the right people in the right positions.

Icon Set:

After I left World Market,

I was commissioned to

design icons for their new website. Here are a select

few that made the cut.

Illustrative Elements

Mobile Gateway & Flow

Mobile gateways and a user flow through the shopping path.

Shopping Path

Hompage - Wireframes to Completion

World Market Homepage:

I redesigned the World Market homepage, and it resulted in a 10% increase in the conversion rate. It featured less moving parts, content indicating more shopping paths above the fold, and an area for World Market's marketing content. It was a start to finish project, from wireframes to working with the developer to getting the page live.

Social Media


World Market Infographics:

These infographics were always fun projects. Layout and custom illustrations were required for each of them. Perfect projects.

Mix and Match Page:

An interactive tool for choosing your ideal table setting. With charger, dinner plate, salad plate, napkins and flatware options.

Mix & Match

Plates Widget